06/21/2013 11:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Prince William's Birthday: 31 Reasons Why He's Still Our Prince Charming (PHOTOS)

HuffPost Style would like to wish the man of our dreams, the great Prince William, a very happy birthday! Today he turns 31 years old. We think that's the perfect age to become a father, and we know he is going to do a stellar job.

On this special day, we are taking some time to reflect on the reasons Prince William is every girl's secret (or not-so-secret) fantasy man. Through 31 pictures and some quite endearing GIFs, we have figured out just what makes this prince so undeniably dreamy.

See why Prince William is still our Prince Charming:

1. Let's get the obvious out of the way: He's a royal. And if you marry a royal, you become a princess. And what girl doesn't want to be a princess?

2. He is athletic and also an amazing(ish) dancer.

3. He can pull off a funky hat...

prince william birthday

4. No, really -- the funkiest of hats. (Perhaps it's to cover up a little something that's happening to his hair?)

prince william

5. He's a man in uniform, having been named a Lieutenant in the Blues and Royals Regiment of the Household Cavalry.

5. He's always had a warm personality.

6. He was the only royal who could compete with the Backstreet Boys for our affections.

prince william cover

7. He's affectionate.

8. He'll make you laugh.

prince william

9. He can rock a pair of statement pants and a man-bag.

10. He looks good on top of a horse.

prince william

11. He can let loose and be silly, even when everyone's watching.

12. He's STILL charming the ladies.

13. THAT smile.

Click to see 31 photos that further demonstrate Will's irresistible charm...

The 31 Best Pictures Of Prince William

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