06/21/2013 07:57 am ET

'Swamp People': Gator Jumps From Shore Into The Hunters' Boat (VIDEO)

Bruce and Ron agreed to take on some extra tags in order to help out a neighbor on "Swamp People." While hunting on his land, though, they found a gator a little more aggressive than they anticipated ... and agile!

They were battling him on the shore when the gator suddenly jumped right into the boat with the two men. It was a mad scramble to try and regain control of the situation, while avoiding the dangerous jaws of the beast. He'd already proved how quick and powerful he was by jumping into the boat. Neither man wanted to challenge him further.

Ron finally got him out of the boat, but the gator still wasn't done. When Ron lined up to take a shot at the beast, the gator grabbed his gun. Finally, they were able to subdue the beast. That's how you help a neighbor out.

Gators jumping into boats isn't as unusual as many people might think. Hardcore Hunter TV posted a video online of a gator jumping into their boat. Just because it may not be as uncommon as we thought, doesn't mean it's not terrifying every single time it happens!

There are new dangers every day with the "Swamp People," Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on History.

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