06/22/2013 04:45 pm ET Updated Aug 07, 2013

Veteran Jeremiah Espinoza Overcomes Blindness To Create Successful Whip Making Business (WATCH)

With a strong enough entrepreneurial spirit, not even the failure of sight can slow down some small business owners.

Take Utah man Jeremiah Espinoza, for example. A United States Army veteran, Espinoza is running a successful business making whips despite losing 99 percent of his eyesight from an injury sustained shortly after his return from the first Gulf War, KSL reports. Espinoza says his disability actually helps him make the whips that are still used by cattle drivers today. In 2012, Espinoza and his company Blind Man's Whips was recognized by the Utah State University Small Business Development Center.

"This is really the spirit of entrepreneurism,” Mark Holmes, director of the Utah State University Small Business Development Center, told UBMedia. “Getting knocked down, and getting back up, doing something new and trying it and if that doesn’t work you try something else, you just keep trying and going.”

Indeed, Espinoza isn't the only entrepreneur to overcome blindness to start a successful business. Nashville woman Diane Ross overcame blindness to become known as "The Amazing Quilter" due to the success of her business, according to Tomorrow's Trends. Computer programmer Michael Arbitman also didn't let his lack of vision deter him from working to create an insulin pump that can be used by blind people, the Global Genes Project reports.



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