06/22/2013 07:23 am ET Updated Jun 22, 2013

Joe Zee Sounds Off On Instagram Video And More Tweets Of The Week (PHOTOS)

In this week's tweets, Elle's Joe Zee riffs on the meta-ness of the new Instagram video feature. Chrissy Teigen had a naked photo shoot with GQ, and they were kind enough to tweet a picture -- hilariously only crediting her with Marc Jacobs heels.

And in case you've been living under a rock, the end of this week showed us that not only does celebrity chef Paula Deen make dishes that will give you a heart attack, she's also capable of some seriously racist comments. After she recorded an apology video for her controversial statements, Andy Cohen tweeted some snark about her poor makeup job, and Patton Oswalt reflected on what exactly Deen learned from this whole ordeal.

Click through to see all our favorite tweets of the week!

Tweets Of The Week

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