06/24/2013 09:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aubrey Plaza, Alfred Molina Talk Monsters University

By Michael Lopez


Disney fans are lining up at the theaters this weekend for the return of Mike and Sully in Monsters University. And for this unique prequel, the team brought in Tr3s faves Alfred Molina and Aubrey Plaza. Both of them recently opened up about the project and (not surprisingly) sung the praises of Pixar.

“It so much fun to see these characters back again,” Plaza said. “Now they’re younger versions of themselves and just the concept of these monsters in college is hilarious.”

Plaza plays a Monstrous student herself, namely Greek Council president Claire Wheeler. With her purple hair and third eye, Claire certainly has some built in scare tactics and, as Aubrey explained, an “alternative” personality.

“Claire is kind of like a gothic monster,” she added. “She tries to act like she doesn’t care about scaring people, but she definitely does.”

Alfred actually plays an authority figure in the film; specifically the dinosaur-esque Professor Knight. A stern instructor of Scaring 101, he gives Mike and Sully a run for their money.

“Professor Knight is the head teacher at the Monsters University scare school,” he said. “He’s kind of like a cross between a football coach and a drill sergeant. He can get very demanding.”

Molina went on to compare Monsters U to prestigious institutions like Harvard and Yale. In the Monster’s world, it’s the essential ticket to becoming a supreme scare maestro.

“If you can get into Professor Knight’s scare program, that’s how you qualify to be a scary monster,” he said. “It’s funny, because in the class you’ll see all the same college stereotypes; sports jocks, intellectuals, party frat guys. It’s all really fun.”

You can see all the monstrous coeds (and hear Alfred and Aubrey) now at a theater near you!

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