06/24/2013 07:48 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

Chris Christie At Points Of Light Conference: New Jersey Governor Talks Bipartisan Community Service (Video)

After joining President Obama at the Jersey Shore to promote Hurricane Sandy Relief efforts, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continues to emphasize the importance of burying partisan differences when it comes to community service.

The Republican governor told HuffPost Live Friday at Points of Light Conference on Volunteering and Service in Washington, D.C., that engaging in politics is irrelevant when it comes to responding to disasters.

“When 20-plus foot waves hit your shore and destroy and flood 365,000 homes in your state, you’re not asking if that water is Republican or Democratic water," Christie said. "And when people come to help and if they do a good job you’re going to say thank you to them, regardless of their political party."

The New Jersey Governor joined Senators Dan Coats, Bernie Sanders, and Tim Kaine in speaking at the conference, which annually gathers members of government, nonprofits, and corporate businesses to discuss creating innovative international volunteer projects.

After Sandy -- which caused over $50 billion in damage, according to a National Hurricane Center report -- Points of Light partnered with its affiliates to mobilize over 15,000 volunteers to respond to the disaster.

During his interview with HuffPost Live, Christie mentioned that the beaches at the Jersey Shore are up and running again thanks to various Sandy volunteer relief efforts.

Watch the full clip at HuffPost Live.



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