06/24/2013 10:02 am ET

Hollywood & Guns: Weapons Still Prevalent In Pop Culture


In a year of gun-related national tragedies, Hollywood heavyweights from actors to directors to filmmakers spoke out in favor of gun control. Celebrities demanded change, asked for an explanation, and looked toward the future.

Months later, the urgency seems to have quieted. As The New York Times points out, guns are as prevalent as ever in the summer's big releases. From Brad Pitt's zombie-fighting in "World War Z," to Channing Tatum's defense of President Jamie Foxx in "White House Down," guns are still taking center stage. (Not everyone is OK with this status quo: Jim Carrey, who stars in the violent comic book adaptation "Kick-Ass 2," recently denounced the film's content on Twitter.)

The world of music is no different. Madonna made a controversial choice for her MDNA tour, incorporating guns into the stage show. Madonna did not change the show for a concert in Colorado, using guns onstage just months after the Aurora movie theater shooting in the state, a choice some critics took issue with.

Speaking to the criticism, Madonna stood by the decision, saying, "The thing is, guns don't kill people, people kill people."

For more on guns in film, head over to NYT.

Celebrities & Gun Control