06/24/2013 10:51 am ET Updated Aug 24, 2013

MSNBC Apologizes For Airing F-Words In George Zimmerman Trial (VIDEO)

MSNBC apologized on Monday after it inadvertently aired the unbleeped F-words being used in the George Zimmerman trial.

Zimmerman has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. MSNBC, which has pledged to carry much of the trial live, was bringing viewers the prosecution's opening statement on Monday. Unfortunately for the network, the first words of the statement quoted from Zimmerman's profane conversation with a local dispatcher the night of Martin's death: "F***ing punks. These a**holes always get away."

Suddenly, the camera cut to anchor Chuck Todd. "Well, we've decided that we have to institute a seven-second delay," he said. "I want to apologize for that language that came out."



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