06/24/2013 04:15 pm ET

Stuck In Embarrassing Ways (VIDEOS)

This was not a good time to get stuck in a rut, or a tire, a grease trap or a rail.

Yet, it was a good time for weird news-lovers who want to know what it's like for others to get stuck in the darndest places.

It isn't pleasant, especially for Rowdy, a horse in Belington, W. Va., who somehow got stuck in a large tire on his farm used to hold water for livestock, reported.

Rowdy's owner, Tonya Long, is unsure how he got stuck in the tire, but believes it happened after a squabble with other horses, the Associated Press reported.

Firefighters and other emergency officials " target="_hplink">needed about 30 minutes to free him, and they said the horse was up and walking around when they left, WDTV-TV reported.

Later in the week, an 8-year-old girl in Wenzhou city in China's Zhejiang province, had to be rescued after getting her head stuck between the security bars of her sixth story apartment balcony.

She was forced to hold up her body by gripping two bars with her hands and planting a foot on a bar underneath, according to Reuters.

Firefighters finally managed to rescue her by breaking down her apartment door, reported. She later said that she climbed out on the bars because she heard a strange sound downstairs.

But Chad Winslow, 34, may have gotten himself in the stickiest situation this weekend when he allegedly attempted to rob a discount grocery store in Orange County, Fla., and ended up getting stuck in a grease trap.

Deputies found Winslow covered in grease, with his feet inside the store and his upper body outside the store when they arrived, WESH-TV reported.

An arrest report said Winslow told the deputy he was stuck, could not move and had to "take a poop." The deputy who helped Winslow out of the window and took him into custody said the suspect tried to steal two dirty magazines and three packs of cigarettes, reported.

Winslow was arrested on charges of burglary, criminal mischief and petty theft and is being held on $3,800 bond at the Orange County Jail.

These aren't the only creatures stuck in bizarre ways. Check out the video gallery below for more.



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