06/24/2013 08:39 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Zosia Mamet's 'Pantsless' Look Gives Us Lena Dunham Flashbacks (PHOTOS)

Has Shoshanna taken a cue from Hannah?

Zosia Mamet, who plays straight-laced Shoshanna on our beloved "Girls," hit the red carpet on Sunday wearing a mini dress that could have probably doubled as a shirt -- i.e., the "pantsless" look. Mamet styled the white dress elegantly with understated hair, neutral makeup and flat shoes.

The cute look gave us serious flashbacks to the "pantsless" outfit Lena Dunham wore on the red carpet last fall (you know, the one that had the media all in a tizzy).

We're going to assume that Zosia, just like Lena, didn't actually forget her pants but simply liked the loose, laidback look of the dress. Are you digging the ultra-short hemline as much as we are?


zosia mamet pantsless

zosia mamet pantsless

lena dunham

Celebs love their short dresses:

Celebs Go "Pantsless"

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