06/25/2013 05:20 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

Breaking Up: Why Do Some Men Move On Quicker Than Women?

Why are some men so quick to move on after a breakup?

That's the question HuffPost Live tackled Monday in a segment delving into the different ways men and women react to breaking up.

John Turner, a professor from Indianapolis, said he had no problem jumping into a new relationship after his split -- and that he knows he's not the only guy who's felt that way.

"I knew I was over it because I had dated plenty of women," he said. "That's the way a man gets over it. He moves on quickly. You don't just move on -- you get the finest thing you can get," he joked.

Meanwhile, HuffPost Divorce blogger Jackie Pilossoph offered some insight into why so many men fall into rebound relationships.

"Men will have a new woman in two minutes and anybody who's getting a divorce must prepare for that -- you will see your ex with a girl within two minutes of breaking up," she said. "Men fix their anxieties and their depression and everything with women. A woman fixes it with trying to either jump into work, or they will focus on their children, go to a therapist or they'll try to get it together."

Watch the video above for more from Turner and Pilossoph -- and check out the full segment here -- then head to the comments and tell us why you think a lot of men seem to move on quickly after a breakup.

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