06/25/2013 04:40 pm ET

Can Dexter Survive? Michael C. Hall Talks 'Dexter' Finale


At long last, the kill room.

For eight seasons, TV Guide Magazine has honored an unwritten code on the set of Dexter and disappeared whenever Michael C. Hall donned the vinyl apron, pulled back the plastic sheeting and switched into Dark Passenger mode. The actor always insisted he needed privacy to carry out his character's deadliest task — plunging a nine-inch butcher knife into the chest of whichever bad guy was shrink-wrapped to the kill table.

But now, like the deadly code of Dexter's father, Harry (James Remar), this rule is starting to crumble. "What do you think?" Hall asks in a strangely upbeat voice, ushering a journalist inside the murder chamber for the first time. Behind him, a young actor, naked under a shroud of plastic, quietly rehearses his lines with iPod buds in his ears. Dexter's knives lie like icicles on a cold steel tray. "So, was it worth the wait?"