06/25/2013 01:09 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Chicago Stanley Cup Celebration: Blackhawks Fans Take To The Streets (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

When the time comes to celebrate a Chicago team's championship, it's go big, or go home. Monday night, fans went big.

The city exploded into rapturous celebration after the Blackhawks' thrilling Stanley Cup-clinching win against the Boston Bruins and continued the festivities well into the early morning Tuesday hours.

From the South Side to beyond Wrigleyville, cars honked their horns in celebration while revelers in the street shot off celebratory fireworks (and firearms), hugged, cheered and played plenty of the Hawks goal song, "Chelsea Dagger."

The pure joy showcased in a video taken at The Pony sports bar (via Sports Illustrated and USA Today and embedded above) was the city's default mood for much of evening.

(Where is the cup now? Follow our live Stanley Cup tracker.)

In several of the city's neighborhoods, however, the celebrations didn't stay tame for long.

Celebration And Destruction Post-Blackhawks Victory

In Wrigleyville, fans packing the street became so belligerent, mounted police had to intervene. By the end of the evening, the Tribune reports police arrested 23 people for public drinking and other offenses.

Members of the crowd chucked bottles at law enforcement, tried to climb awnings and cars and crowd-surfed steel street barriers and bicycles and anything else that wasn't bolted down.

Even the items that were bolted down weren't safe: Sun-Times reporters saw several people tryng to climb the macaroni sculpture outside Wrigley Field and "wrench it from its moorings" before police handcuffed the apparent instigator.

"I don't know why they're going crazy. It's stupid," Mateo Rodriguez told the paper after driving in from suburban Rolling Meadows to celebrate. "It's all in good fun, but there has to be a line. And that's coming from an 18-year-old kid."

In the normally peaceful Lincoln Park, several businesses including a Starbucks were badly damaged after their windows were smashed out, as documented in a series of photos by the Crime in Boystown blog.

Carlos Florez of A Emergency Fire Board Up told DNAinfo Chicago "Not since the Bulls in '98" has he seen as much glass broken by celebrating Chicago sports fans.

Earlier, in Wicker Park, the situation was more peaceful. The sidewalks flooded with fans shortly after the presentation of the cup wrapped. The crowds slowly teemed into the streets creating a snarl for left-hand turning cars and trucks before mobbing — and blocking — the path altogether.

Several revelers shot off Roman Candles right in front of police officers, but things remained otherwise non-violent save some pushing and shoving from over-served fans.

Plenty of celebrations, however, remained more mischievous than misdemeanor: DNAinfo notes Coach Q (Hawks Head Coach Joel Quenneville) had his house TP'd already — but that he probably won't mind.

The high spirits following the Monday win seemed to move everyone — including the normally-serious Hawks Captain Jonathan Toews who was spotted moonwalking on the ice post-game.



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