06/25/2013 11:44 am ET

Stephen Colbert Mocks 'Truthinews' On Cable (VIDEO)

Stephen Colbert had a new word to describe cable news on Monday night: "truthinews."

"I do not watch the news to see what I do not want to hear," Colbert joked. "And these days, I don't have to. Conservatives have Fox News, liberals have MSNBC, and the elderly who lost the remote in 1998 have Headline News."

Cable networks' only job, according to Colbert, is to tell people what they want to hear, through reports like "Have You Lost Weight?" Cable news, he said, also lets viewers echo their own thoughts through polls, social media and other interactive gimmicks that put the "'me' in media."

Colbert — who coined the term "truthiness" on the first episode of "The Colbert Report" — cited a CNN report about a poll that asked people whether they think Obama was involved in the IRS' targeting of conservative groups. The headline said that the results of the poll contradicted the actual discoveries made by Congressional investigators.

"Luckily now truthinews is here to usher in a new standard of broadcasting," he said. "First, we ask you what you think the news is. Then, report that news you told us back to you. Then, take an insta-Twitter poll to see if you feel informed by yourself, which we will read on the air until we reach the golden day until cable news is just a mirror, a logo and a news crawl."



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