Craigslist Man Offers Computer Help For Sex; Claims He'll Fix Your Laptop If You 'Fix' Him

Oh, ladies! Need your laptop fixed?

While this is not your typical Craigslist personal ads pickup line, a man in Texas seems to be aiming for a certain niche: women willing to barter sex with a stranger for laptop repair. (Hey, we said it was a niche.)

The ad, posted in the "casual encounters" section of the Austin Craigslist on Monday, was quickly spread around the Internet by a bemused Redditor using the handle mrzhi.

With the headline "Times are tough.....?" mrzhi's screengrab of the horny IT guy's ad was the subject of much discussion on Reddit's r/geek subreddit.

Apparently, this is not the first time a computer expert has attempted this specific barter. Nor is it the most famous -- or perhaps infamous -- Texas Craigslist ad in recent memory.

In April, an Austin woman was arrested after she created multiple fake online profiles in order to share photos and personal information of her ex-boyfriend's girlfriend, reports ABC local affiliate KVUE. And a month later, an overwhelmed and clinically depressed Houston woman was arrested after putting her 3-year-old son up for adoption on the site, KVUE reported.



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