06/25/2013 10:13 am ET Updated Jun 25, 2013

What India Arie Learned During Her Four-Year Break From Music (VIDEO)

During her four-year break from the music business, singer/songwriter India.Arie retreated to an island to reflect, clear her head and rediscover what really mattered to her. There, in seclusion, the Grammy Award-winner says that she learned a lot about herself and about life in general -- including something that was sparked by an email she received from Oprah.

While speaking with Oprah about her spiritual breakthroughs on an episode of "Super Soul Sunday," India.Arie brings up the email that gave her not just comfort, but some much-needed perspective during her time of reflection. "I don't assume you remember this, but maybe you do," India.Arie says to Oprah. "One of the first emails I wrote you was when things were just falling apart."

India.Arie explains how Oprah's words touched her during her difficult times.

"I'm paraphrasing, but you said, 'Be clear about your intention and the universe will rise up to meet you wherever you are,'" she recalls. "I knew that intellectually... but what I know now that I did not know then is that the universe really does rise up to meet you wherever you are. And I got chills, just saying that."

As proof of this idea, India.Arie says that her life is "so different" now than it was back then.

"I just laugh at the way my lifestyle used to be," she confesses, with a smile. In the video, India.Arie shares exactly which parts of her past make her laugh the most and explains what else she's learned over the last several years.

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