06/25/2013 06:43 pm ET

Paula Deen D.C. Appearance Still On: Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show Stands By Controversial Cook


WASHINGTON -- Embattled celebrity cook Paula Deen may be losing sponsors and TV shows, but she still has at least one major backer: The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show.

In a statement on its website, MetroCooking said Deen, who admitted in a recent court deposition that she had used the N-word, is still scheduled to attend its upcoming shows in Washington, Houston and Dallas:

Paula Deen has been a friend of The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show for many years. She has apologized and we are taking her apology at her word and moving forward accordingly. The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show does not condone or believe in the use of derogatory slurs by anyone. This is a nation of forgiveness and second chances. In that spirit we intend to go forward with the MetroCooking Shows in Houston, Dallas and Washington, DC as planned with Paula as a presenter. At this time we have no plans to do otherwise.

A spokesperson for the Annandale-based MetroCooking told The Huffington Post that the show "has received scores of positive emails, Facebook posts and calls regarding the decision to keep Paula in the show line-ups. Paula has legions of fans."

Of the 25,000 tickets typically sold for each of the Dallas, Houston and D.C. shows, three people have asked for their money back since Friday, the rep told HuffPost.

Deen will appear at MetroCooking D.C. on Saturday, November 2, as a "Celebrity Theater Presenter"; meet-and-greet options include a Paula Photo Op & Brunch and a Paula VIP Platinum ticket, which comes with an autographed copy of Deen's upcoming cookbook, New Testament.

The soon-to-be-former Food Network star also attended at MetroCooking D.C. in 2011.

Don't be surprised if Deen's sessions sell out. Many Food Network fans are sticking by the Southern star:

A day after announcing that it's dropping Deen from its roster of celebrity cooks, the cable network was served heaping portions of Southern fried outrage by her fans.

Angry messages piled up Saturday on the network's Facebook page, with many Deen fans threatening to change the channel for good. "So good-bye Food Network," one viewer wrote. "I hope you fold like an accordion!!!"

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