06/25/2013 10:18 am ET

Sandra Bullock, Chelsea Handler Naked Together: Stars Chat About Shower Scene

Sandra Bullock and Chelsea Handler are an explosive combination. When you put two sexy, bossy ladies together, you should be prepared for nudity, slaps and profanity, all of which were a part of the duo's infamous naked shower sketch.

They reminisced about the steamy scene on Monday's episode of "Chelsea Lately," with Handler jumping in with, "You're a very sexual person. I know that you like to be nude with other women," to which Bullock responded, "Well, actually, there's only been one other woman I've been nude with." When Chelsea inquired about her name, Bullock replied straight-faced, "It's your name."

The hilarious clip featured Bullock chewing out Handler for sleeping with her guests and calling herself "the white Oprah," with Bullock sternly telling her to "pull her shit together!"

The nude scene was apparently Bullock's idea, as they chatted about it last night. "That's right, I suggested we be naked together in a very vulnerable position with about 30 members that I didn't know any of, nor did I know you at the time," Bullock joked. Handler interjected, "That was how we first met: areola to areola!"

Bullock was ostensibly on "Chelsea Lately" to promote her latest movie, "The Heat," but the conversation ranged far and wide.

"It was a beautiful, magical moment in my life," sighed Handler, before she went on to recount the post-production rivalry that sprung up over the size of each star's .... pixelation. Bullock wanted more blur on her chest to balance her out across from the more well-endowed Handler, lamenting that the first edit only needed "one square" on each side to cover her up.

A beautiful, magical moment indeed. See a clip of it below:



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