06/25/2013 10:08 am ET

Sharon Osbourne Wants To Get Down With Prince Charles (VIDEO)

Sharon Osbourne stopped by "Conan" Monday night, and "The Talk" host gave basically the dirtiest interview ever. She told Conan she wanted to hook up with Prince Charles, so she could get the title of Dame.

But Conan was skeptical. “If you sleep with Prince Charles you get a title? I don’t think that’s true,” he said. “No you just have to (bleep) his (bleep.)” Sharon replied.

“Oh what the...” Conan exclaimed, as he got up from his desk and walked around in mock shock. Sharon took a bow as the audience cheered.

Sharon also mentioned her husband Ozzy could hook up with Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla, while they were doing their thing.

On Twitter, Sharon had promised it would be “worth it” to watch this interview -- well, she delivered. Viewers said Sharon had them dying laughing.

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