06/25/2013 12:00 am ET

Silverware Jewelry: Spoon Bracelets, Fork Rings And More (PHOTOS)

Etsy: SilverWears

Our silverware serves a pretty noble purpose: it is responsible for transporting food from plate to face in polite company. Since most silverware is made of metal, it tends to stick around for a pretty long time -- long past the time when we've decided to buy a new set and discard the old one. It seems only right that we should continue to show our old forks, spoons and knives the love and respect they deserve, which is where silverware jewelry comes in.

Now, we've all probably seen a fork or spoon, bent into a curve to wear as a bracelet before. We adore the tiny cocktail fork rings that are popping up all over sites like Fancy and Etsy. But the degree to which artists much more metal-bending-savvy than we are have transformed the eating tools in the slideshow below has absolutely blown our minds. Some of them wouldn't even be recognizable as forks and spoons if we weren't told what they were. We fell in love with each and every one of these pieces, and are having a really tough time deciding which ones will adorn our wrists. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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Silverware Jewelry