06/25/2013 01:32 pm ET

Style, Sex, & Subordinates: Tales From A Real-Life Mad [Wo]Man

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.

Things have changed a lot on Mad Men since Peggy Olson, recent graduate of Miss Dever’s Secretarial School, was assigned to be Don Draper’s new “girl” in the pilot. “Are you Amish or something?” Pete Campbell asks the modestly dressed Peggy when he’s formally introduced to her for the first time, before advising her, “Well, you’re in the city now, wouldn’t be a sin for us to see your legs.” By the end of the episode, he’s gotten her into bed.

In the final shot of Peggy in season six, gone are the dowdy skirt, sweater, and ponytail. She’s framed just like the now-iconic male silhouette in Mad Men’s opening credits. The new Peggy Olson literally wears the pants at Sterling Cooper and Partners. She’s sitting in her new office — Don’s office — wearing a checkered pants suit and a notice-me red turtleneck. Again, she’s fallen into bed with a coworker, but this time, she channels her bitter disappointment into her career when he inevitably tells her he’s leaving to make things work with his wife and family.

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