06/26/2013 09:41 am ET

Bikini Clad Thief Pees On Victim's Patio

A man in Kingwood, Texas, is trying to solve a mystery Sherlock Holmes never had dealt with: The Case of the Bikini-Wearing Patio-Peeing Thief.

The bladder-emptying burglar showed up at the home of Jason Jodway on Friday in a yellow Mustang.

Surveillance video shows the woman putting on a tank top, before spending 15 minutes sorting through UPS packages left on the porch, carefully picking the items she wanted. She even tried on a pair of shoes before attempting to break in the house.

"We don't understand why she spent 15 minutes on our front porch going through and picking and choosing what she wanted," Jodway told KTRK-TV.

The thief left the shoes behind as well as a book called "Europe For Dummies."

"I think she's a confused thief. I don't know if she is choosy or not but she's definitely confused," Jodway said.

After the bikini bandit left, she drove her convertible to a neighbor's house, where she also tried to break in, before deciding to squat down and pee on the patio. That misdeed was also caught on surveillance video, the New York Daily News reported.

Jodway believes the woman got inside his gated community by tailgating another resident.

At this point, he's more worried about the mail the theif may have taken than the makeup or even the urine stains on his neighbor's patio.

"We had three days of mail piling up. I'm worried about identity theft at this point," Jodway told the Houston Chronicle.

Police have no suspects, but the robberies -- and patio peeing -- have put neighbors of the Jodways on notice.

“My reaction is I’m going to be more careful about watching stuff and picking up things near the door,” neighbor Susan Hoeler told KHOU-TV.



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