06/26/2013 09:21 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Carla Bruni's 'Today Show' Surprise: Kathie, Hoda... And Zara Jeans (VIDEO)


Now that she's left her first lady role in the dust and is moving full-steam ahead with her musical career, Carla Bruni is back in the spotlight... and on "The Today Show." France's former first lady appeared on "Today" on Wednesday to promote her new album, "Little French Songs," and perform one of her songs in the studio. Oh, and she chatted about her hubby and daughter with Kathie and Hoda while wearing Zara jeans and a Gap shirt.

If the whole thing sounds so thoroughly un-Carla, you'd be correct. This isn't the Dior-wearing Carla we knew from the Élysée Palace days, nor is it even the jewel-draped Carla we saw last week at a swanky Bulgari event celebrating her partnership with the brand.

This new, America-friendly Carla dishes about her husband's diaper-changing skills and how she hates to leave her young daughter, Giulia, all the while bonding with goofy Kathie and Hoda. This Carla tells that her outfit, consisting of a vintage blazer, Zara jeans, a Gap shirt and Roger Vivier boots, was all about comfort: "Cool and comfortable is most important," Bruni told "Also elegant, but mostly just comfy and relaxed."

Who is this refreshingly laid-back woman and what has she done with Carla Bruni?

Hey, we're not complaining. Check out Carla's interview below.


You've come a long way, Carla:

Carla Bruni's Style

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