06/26/2013 05:47 pm ET

Is Courteney Cox Dating Brian Van Holt? 'Cougar Town' Co-Stars Reportedly A Couple


Could these onscreen exes be offscreen lovers? Well, according to an insider who opened up to Us Weekly, Courteney Cox and "Cougar Town" co-star Brian Van Holt have "been going out for about six months."

The insider added that with her divorce finalized, Cox has been more comfortable moving forward with her allegedly new relationship, and the couple were even spotted acting "like boyfriend and girlfriend" during dinner earlier this month. And it's not just Courteney who appears to be taken with the 43-year-old actor and model, as an onlooker reported that her daughter Coco looked "extremely comfortable" with him. "She treated him like a dad or an uncle," the source said of the 9-year-old's visit to the set last fall.

That being said and done, the two have been linked on a few occasions since the 49-year-old actress split from actor David Arquette in 2010, so only time will tell if this is the real deal.



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