06/26/2013 02:47 pm ET Updated Jun 26, 2013

Activist Launching Impeach Obama Campaign On Highway Overpasses, Says Congress Will Surely Act Then

The vast majority of congressional lawmakers don't seem very interested in trying to impeach President Barack Obama, but conservative activist James Neighbors thinks he knows how to change that.

The solution, Neighbors told the Examiner this week, is called "Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment." The movement will feature standard anti-Obama protests, but they'll take place on highway overpasses around the nation. Neighors said he hatched the idea from a previous demonstration in California earlier this month, and he believes it will force Congress to take action.

"On June 8th, a group of patriots protested in Carlsbad, Calif., led by Roger Ogden," Neighbors told the Examiner. "After reading several news stories on that protest, the inspiration struck me that if such protests were to occur nationally, that surely Congress would listen and act."

What Neighbors didn't mention was that the earlier highway overpass event was covered largely because it was blamed for backing up already notoriously bad highway traffic in Southern California.

It's unclear if Neighbors hopes his "Overpasses for Obama's Impeachment" will create similar inconveniences, but perhaps they'd be a small price to pay to protest what he called the "most scandal ridden" administration in history.

Neighbors hopes his movement will spread to all 50 states. Beginning July 4, organizers will start putting their message before highway commuters around the nation.



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