John Oliver Mocks Media Coverage Of George Zimmerman's Trial (VIDEO)

John Oliver has some major beef with the media over its coverage of George Zimmerman's trial.

After mocking Zimmerman's lawyer Don West for starting his opening statement with a knock-knock joke, he turned to the press covering the case. "Normally, the most cringe-inducing about the court cases is the media coverage," Oliver joked. "But Zimmerman's lawyer has set the bar so low, the media may not be able to squeak under it."

"How low can you go?" he wondered. The answer, Oliver suggested, is extremely low. He replayed a clip of Jane Velez-Mitchell's dramatic re-enactment of what Zimmerman said happened the night he shot Trayvon Martin.

"It's only day one and you're already demonstrating legal points by dry humping in a mini kitchen!" he exclaimed. He had one message for the media, which he delivered in the form of a knock-knock joke.

Cable news networks have been covering Zimmerman's trial, which started on Monday, very closely. Even MSNBC, which rarely covers court cases in-depth, has been providing live coverage of the trial. The network did hit some bumps on the first day of coverage: it aired the prosecutor using the f-word twice, before Chuck Todd came on to apologize and announce that the network was implementing a seven-second delay.



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