06/26/2013 01:06 pm ET Updated Jun 27, 2013

Maria Shriver On Service, Purpose And The New Definition Of Success (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post caught up with Maria Shriver, former first lady of California, yesterday at the 21st Century National Service Summit in Aspen. We talked to her about the benefits of service, and the need to define success beyond money and power.

"It's always inspiring to me to meet people who feel that they can make a difference in the world," Shriver said. "That's their motive, that's their passion… I think that's what makes your life meaningful, that's what fills your own heart and that's what gives you purpose."

She also talked about her own efforts to interpret success as more than just "the corner office." For Shriver, that means connecting with her children, building meaningful relationships and pursuing purposeful work. "It's being able to have time in your life to do the things you find meaningful," she said.

This video is part of a series of interviews with speakers, attendees and panelists at The Aspen Ideas Festival, produced by The Huffington Post in conjunction with The Aspen Institute. For more videos from the series, click here. For more information about The Aspen Institute, click here.

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