06/26/2013 10:22 pm ET

Mark Sanchez Exposes Naked Butt, Dances Around With Two Women In Napa (NSFW VIDEO)

Several months after his "butt fumble" conquered the Internet, Mark Sanchez's own backside is on display. Odds are, Sanchez will remember this latest incident more fondly, provided he can remember it.

In the video above, the New York Jets' 26-year-old quarterback can be seen dropping his pants as he dances around with two women. One of those women, Alana Kari, began the circulation of dancing Sanchez footage on Tuesday by sharing a Vine on Twitter, purportedly of some fun in Napa. Described by Deadspin as "some kind of SoCal-based socialite," Kari deleted the Vine after it began garnering widespread attention. According to NESN, Kari also tweeted pictures with Sanchez at a wine tasting, a fancy dinner and in a limo. Once that initial Vine was pulled, the brief video below (this one without a cameo from Sanchez's bare butt) soon resurfaced on YouTube.

(H/T Robert Littal)

Not long after posting that tamer video, posted the second one in which Sanchez dropped his pants.


Not everyone was happy about it.

"Just like that, Sanchez's Butt Fumble total doubled from one to two -- and counting," wrote Johnette Howard of ESPN New York. "And the Jets' stature as the laughingstock of the NFL just ticked up another notch."

Do you agree? Do these videos change your view of Sanchez?



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