06/26/2013 09:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Men's Underwear: What His Underthings Say About Him (PHOTOS)

It seems that just about every men's magazine has an article about what women's underwear says about them, but what about men's undergarments? Is your guy a briefs lover? Boxer shorts? Boxer briefs? Each one means something drastically different.

Here are five types of undergarments and what they (potentially) say about him. Agree? Disagree?

Boxers: The guy who wears boxers is the same guy who eats questionably old pizza that his roommate bought, never has toilet paper in his apartment and thinks Febreze can double as cologne. In other words, he's a guys guy, albeit one who is probably still 11 years old at heart.


Boxer briefs: This dude is playing the middle ground: He knows when to be classy and when to let it all hang out. He most likely just started working out again and he knows that pants shouldn't have pleats. In other words, he knows what women want. Boxer briefs are the dream.


Briefs: This is a guy who holds on to the past and just can't let a good thing go. He started wearing briefs in first grade and most likely won't switch until he needs Depends. Yes, it feels nice to have a firm hold around your tuchus, but that's what a significant other is for. This is also the type of underwear most associated with dads -- enough said.


Commando: Going sans underwear is rarely for sex appeal. He most likely just didn't do laundry. And if he can't make time for laundry, there is probably a long list of other things he doesn't have time for (showering comes to mind).


Thongs: This guy is a showoff. Thongs are basically like assless chaps for men. Guys, we understand that you have a Roman statue physique, but we'd rather see underwear lines through your skinny jeans. Our response:

Men who always look good in underwear:

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