06/26/2013 09:42 am ET Updated Jun 26, 2013

Nelson Mandela Twitter Support Will Move You (TWEETS)


UPDATE: June 26, 2013: 4:55 pm EST - Nelson Mandela has been placed on life support, according to a CNN report released this afternoon.

Twitter users have taken to the social network to show support for the beloved Nelson Mandela as he remains in critical condition.

The former South African President, 94, was originally admitted to Medi-Clinic Hospital in Pretoria on June 8th for a lung infection that has brought him to the hospital on four separate occasions since December, Fox News reports. Several public figures have been tweeting posts in his honor and wishing him well.

The current South African President, Jacob Zuma honored Mandela in a press release, which reminded South Africans and the international community to support the struggling anti-apartheid leader and to honor his historical legacy.

"We must support him and support his family," he said. "We must demonstrate our love and appreciation for his leadership during the struggle for liberation and in our first few years of freedom and democracy by living out his legacy and promoting unity, non-racialism, non-sexism and prosperity in our country.”

And many have taken to social media to display such solidarity. Twitter users have uploaded videos and pictures of crowds singing outside of Pretoria's Medi-Clinic Heart Hospital.

Other social media users are starting to cope with the idea of his possible passing and are instead wishing him peace.

Notable stars have offered words of support.

Even comedians are taking to social media to offer humble words of sincerity and support.



Tweets Honoring Nelson Mandela