06/26/2013 11:44 am ET Updated Aug 26, 2013

Thomas Roberts 'Flustered' By Live Obama Phone Call On MSNBC (VIDEO)

A fortuitous moment of live television saw MSNBC's Thomas Roberts being interrupted by none other than President Obama.

MSNBC was talking to some of the plaintiffs from the Prop. 8 case when Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin suddenly interrupted him to tell them that Obama was on the line from Air Force One. He then put Obama on speakerphone, and the network's cameras got to show the moment to everyone watching.

After the call was done, Roberts turned to Rachel Maddow.

"I'm a little bit flustered," he said. "You just got bogarted on your own show by the president through somebody's iPhone on speakerphone!" Maddow crowed.

"You know, I kinda like it!" Roberts said. "My producer was like, 'can you ask the president if he has anything to say on MSNBC?' I thought, well, I'll just wait on that one." He then called it "an amazing moment."



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