06/27/2013 10:31 am ET

'Big Brother' Premiere: Elissa Slater, Former Winner Rachel Reilly's Sister, Tries To Keep Her Identity Secret (VIDEO)

Floaters, grab a life vest because “Big Brother” is back. And one of the sixteen new houseguests had a familiar face.

Well, kind of familiar. Meet yoga instructor Elissa Slater, the sister of former "Big Brother" winner Rachel Reilly.

“I’m going to keep the fact that Rachel’s my sister hidden as long as possible. I don’t want to be a target,” Elissa plotted. God help us all.

While Elissa said she wasn’t going to spill the beans about being Rachel’s sister, her face spilled the beans for her. More than one houseguest guessed she was the former champ’s sibling.

E! Online called Elissa’s reveal the biggest surprise of the premiere.

But TVLine was more into Season 15’s new twists. “The [Head of Household] reign won’t be quite so luxurious this year. Each week, America will vote for a Big Brother MVP: a contestant who shows off the best gameplay. As always, the HOH will nominate two people for eviction, but the MVP can nominate a third — and do so anonymously."

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