06/28/2013 05:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Blind Man Solves Modified Rubik's Cube A Year After Losing Sight

If you're in need of some inspiration today, look no further. This man makes us feel like anything is possible.

In a post on Thursday, Reddit user Sameer Doshi wrote, "A year ago I went blind. Today I solved my 'modified' Rubik's cube."

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Last year, an incorrect dosage of steroid drops during cataract surgery left Doshi permanently blind. But he hasn't let that stand in his way. With the help of his wife to type up comments, Doshi shared his amazing story:

I'm 32, blind, and an engineer. After returning to work I needed a challenge since I couldn't play games. So I decided to learn to solve a Rubik's cube (while blind). I modified a cube using velcro, plastic gems, and Dora-the-Explorer puffy stickers. For my next challenge I'm going to run for, and win, a seat on the Illinois House of Representatives.

His post resulted in 36,000 upvotes, 1,200 comments, and many new supporters for his 2014 campaign. Some users even contributed to his PAC, Illinois Vision Forward.

"Just because I'm blind doesn't mean I don't have vision," Doshi commented.

Users were inspired by his incredible persistance. Some even dubbed him a "champion."

"Your husband has more drive than any man I've met in person," one user wrote. "I honestly think I'd be really depressed if this happened to me, but here he is wanting to run for a place within the government. What a great guy."

Piper Rolfe, a legally blind 10-year-old, also became a hero this week when she saved a friend from an attacking raccoon.

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