06/27/2013 06:33 pm ET

'Captain Planet' Movie Planned By Sony


Let our powers combine: According to THR, Sony is set to bring beloved '90s kids' series "Captain Planet" to the big screen. Don't remember "Captain Planet and the Planeteers"? Here's the opening narration:

Our world is in peril. Gaia, the spirit of the Earth, can no longer stand the terrible destruction plaguing our planet. She gives five magic rings to five special young people. From Africa, Kwame with the power of earth. From the North America, Wheeler with the power of fire. From the Soviet Union, Linka with the power of wind. From Asia, Gi with the power of water and from South America, Ma-Ti with the power of heart. With the five powers combined they summon earth's greatest champion -- CAPTAIN PLANET!

Indeed. Those who aren't familiar with "Captain Planet" might remember the series of spoof videos that Don Cheadle made for Funny or Die. Here's guessing that Cheadle won't appear in this version.

For more on "Captain Planet" and his mullet, head to THR.

[via THR]

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