06/27/2013 09:40 am ET Updated Aug 27, 2013

'Crossfire' Hosts Clash Over Gay Marriage Ruling, Wendy Davis' Abortion Bill Filibuster (VIDEO)

Viewers who turned into CNN on Wednesday night got a taste of the new "Crossfire" returning to airwaves in a few months.

After weeks of reports, the network announced Wednesday that it was indeed resurrecting the political debate show. The show — which was canceled eight years ago and will come back to life this fall — will be hosted by Newt Gingrich, Stephanie Cutter, Van Jones and S.E. Cupp.

The four hosts appeared on "Piers Morgan Live," where they clashed over the Supreme Court's historic ruling on gay marriage. Gingrich said he believed marriage should be between a man and a woman, and argued that the court's decision to dismiss Prop 8 rejected the rights of "eight million Californians" who voted for it.

Jones disagreed. "If you're concerned about traditional marriage, Kim Kardashian has done more harm to traditional marriage than any gay person," he said. He added that straight people get divorced and cheat on their partners all the time, and in the case of Prop 8, civil rights cannot be put up for a vote.

Cupp said that she is a conservative who supports gay rights, and called the court's striking down of DOMA a "victory." She agreed with Gingrich on Prop 8 though, saying, "It's a rejection of the voices of the people and that is -- that's a shame."

Cutter said that while eight million Californians did vote for Prop 8, voters can be wrong and that's where the courts have to step in and intervene.

Later, they also clashed over Texas' controversial abortion bill, which state senator Wendy David attempted to block with a 10-hour filibuster. Cupp blasted Davis and her supporters, saying, "This lionizing of Wendy Davis, who is a politician and did what politicians are supposed to do I think would make Susan B. Anthony and Fredrick Douglass and Rosa Parks roll over in their graves. Our standards for what counts as a hero today have become so shockingly, patheticly low."



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