06/27/2013 08:26 am ET

Half-Naked Celebrities: Stars Who Habitually Forget One Item Of Clothing (VIDEO)

Celebrities -- they've got a lot going on, but does that excuse that some of them seem to always forget just one piece of clothing? Let's take a look at the repeat offenders.

For Miley Cyrus that item is pants. A high-waisted pantsless look for a June 2013 appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"; in October 2012 -- pantsless with a ghost ... as you do; and sometimes going pantsless means you have to wear what looks a lot like a diaper.

But Miley's not the first to be pantsless and proud . Remember all those Christina Aguilera performances on "The Voice"?

Yet Xtina's onetime teen diva rival, Britney Spears, takes it to the next level -- she's famous for forgetting her underwear. Shield your eyes when Brit Brit is climbing out of a car.

And that other necessary female undergarment -- the bra! Who's famous for forgetting?

Jennifer Aniston. We all remember her nipples and their frequent guest spots on "Friends," and her good friend Chelsea Handler called her out on it.

It wouldn't hurt Rihanna to remember her brassiere either, though for her, the no bra becomes more of a sideboob issue. Her frequent sideboob has become quite the headline maker, even prompting speculation that sideboob is the new cleavage.

Still, it's not just gals who get forgetful -- guys do too.

The legendary offender, Matthew McConaughey, always, always forgets a shirt (not that anyone’s complaining). Seemingly more offensive? Justin Bieber has become Matthew’s protege, so much so that he's angering fellow celebrities -- Olivia Wilde Tweeted at him to put a shirt on.

But McConaughey actually gave the Biebs his blessing, and we can't very well argue with that ... mostly because we want Matthew McConaughey to keep going shirtless.



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