06/27/2013 08:51 am ET Updated May 22, 2014

Our Favorite Beer Koozies On The Internet


We understand that not everyone thinks of the Fourth of July as "National Drink A Beer Outside Day," but we do. As the temperatures climb into full-on summer extremes, it is as important as ever that we keep those beers cold. So why not do it in style -- or at least make your friends laugh out loud?

When we were kids, beer koozies were pretty ubiquitous at our parents' summer barbecues. They fell out of fashion for a while, as they're kind of ridiculous and often come emblazoned with a tacky message about "gettin' hammered," or something. Are most of these the koozies we've rounded up today completely juvenile? Most definitely. But they also made at least one of us chuckle. And if you're not giggling while you're drinking beer, are you really celebrating this great nation the right way? Decide for yourselves, but we found you some awesome koozies.

Our Favorite Beer Koozies LIST

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