06/27/2013 02:31 pm ET

Pomezia Mayor Allegedly Attacked By Former Leader Of Italian Town Over Street Market Squabble

Fabio Fucci/Facebook

Newly elected leaders don't always see eye-to-eye with their predecessors, but one such feud came to blows recently in an Italian town.

According to local reports, Mayor Fabio Fucci found himself in a heated disagreement with a former mayor, Walter Filippo Fedele, over a street market in Pomezia, a town outside Rome. The argument escalated and Fedele, who served as mayor in the early 1990s, reportedly attacked Fucci.

Fedele, who now works as a street vendor, reportedly approached Fucci and Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Serra in a public square Wednesday when the incident occurred. After arguing over Fucci's refusal to allow a street market in the Torvaianica subdivision, the 67-year-old and a woman identified as 53-year-old Lina Pontrelli allegedly attacked Fucci, kicking and punching him, daily newspaper La Stampa reports.

Police officers intervened to stop the attack. Fucci and Serra sustained minor injuries and were transported to a local hospital, along with one of the officers, for treatment. The accused attackers were arrested and face charges for injuring the public officials.

In a statement posted Facebook, Fucci said that "Democracy does not come without suffering," and stated that he intends to pursue charges against his attackers.

A member of Italy's anti-establishment Five Star Movement party, Fucci was sworn into office on June 11. Within his first few days as mayor, he announced his plans to focus on spending restraints.

Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region, which includes Pomezia, expressed his sympathy for Fucci and Serra and condemned the public assault.

“I want to express my solidarity to the mayor of Pomezia, Fabio Fucci, to the deputy mayor, Elisabetta Serra and to the traffic officer for the vile attack they were victim of in the city square tonight," Zingaretti said in a statement released Wednesday evening. "I am convinced they will keep working with determination and courage, without letting anyone intimidate them.”



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