06/27/2013 03:20 pm ET

Seattle Woman Beaten By 3 Female Suspects In Cell Phone Video Sought By Police

Seattle police are searching for the apparent victim of a brutal attack that happened in view of eyewitnesses in a public plaza.

In cell phone video that came to the attention of police Monday, one woman is beaten and kicked by three others. According to CBS affiliate KIRO, the daylight attack prompted several 911 calls.

Responders took the victim to a local hospital, where she was treated for non-life-threatening head injuries and briefly interviewed by police. Authorities got "what they believe to be her name" but could not pin down an address for the woman, who is now thought to a be a transient.

According to the Seattle Police crime blotter, an eyewitness "pointed out three possible suspects walking away from the scene," but was unable to positively identify them as the women who attacked the victim. It is not known what precipitated the attack.

Without the victim's cooperation, police are not able to arrest the suspects.

"She might be a transient, but she deserves justice," Seattle police spokeswoman Det. Renee Witt told KIRO. "We know who those suspects are and where they live. If someone can lead us to the victim, we would be able to go and arrest them."

Earlier this month, a group of skateboarders allegedly assaulted and robbed a cyclist in Seattle, KOMO reported. According to police, one of the group reportedly rolled a skateboard in the cyclist's path, causing the victim to crash.



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