06/28/2013 02:25 pm ET Updated Jun 28, 2013

Glenn and Lois Page Wrongly Receive $11,000 Water Bill

Do you trust utility service companies to charge you the right amounts for heat, water and electricity each month? Well, this story will make you think twice.

Glenn and Lois Page, who live in Manteca, Calif., recently received a water bill of more than $11,000 for just one month of water, the couple told told CBS13 Sacramento.

“I opened it up, and looked at it. I laid it down, picked it back up, and looked at it -- this can’t be,” Glenn Page told CBS13 Sacramento. “I must be using dehydrated water, because the house would be on pontoons if that’s how much water was leaking."

The couple supposedly used more than 440,000 gallons of water. How many tanker trucks worth of water is that? Click through to find out.

Water waste certainly is a serious environmental issue in the United States, with use throughout the country up 127 percent since 1950. But luckily for the Pages, the bill was in error. The city blamed the mistake on a computer error and said it would issue the Pages a new bill for $71, according to CBS13 Sacramento.

(Hat tip: The Consumerist)



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