06/28/2013 12:57 pm ET

'Burn Notice': Burke's Shocking Move Leaves Fans Wondering About Sonya (VIDEO)

On Thursday night's episode of “Burn Notice,” Michael and friends were on a mission for Burke that went horribly wrong.

“Vladimir, I think it’s better if you see what I have right now,” Burke said, right before he killed himself with an exploding laptop to save a girl named Sonya.

But who exactly is Sonya? has a few theories. “The fact that we still don’t know the nature of Burke’s ultimate cause calls into question whether or not his act was noble, or just insane. Like if the ‘thing’ to be revealed is a child slavery ring, then the guy’s a nut, but if Sonya was going to out every corrupt CIA agent in exchange for clean water and free medicine ... then good on him.”

And SheKnows was completely surprised with Burke’s sacrifice. “In the end, I never expected that Burke would sacrifice himself for Sonya ... Who is Sonya? Well, I guess we'll find out next week but right now my money's on her being his daughter. Though why [she] would be the key to everything, I have no clue.”

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