06/28/2013 08:48 am ET

Greta Van Susteren To Larry King: 'Really Stupid' That CNN 'Got Rid' Of You (VIDEO)

Greta Van Susteren appeared on Larry King's Ora TV show Thursday night and had some harsh things to say about the network that used to employ her.

Van Susteren was a legal analyst and co-host at CNN for nearly a decade and left the network in 2002. King spent 25 years with CNN and left in 2010. Van Susteren described King's departure as CNN's "biggest loss."

"How do you get rid of the brand? I mean they got rid of Larry King, which was the brand at CNN," Van Susteren said. "I used to watch your numbers and every single night till the day you left, you were the top rated show. How do you get rid of the brand? That was really stupid."

She also said that CNN was going "a little softer" on news.

"Aren't they in a tough spot, though?" King asked. "You have Fox right, MSNBC left. What do you do in the middle? They do great when there's a hurricane. Tragedy they do great. What do you do?"

Van Susteren suggested CNN cover Sudan's war-torn Nuba Mountains, especially if the network has the financial resources to send a helicopter over "a disabled cruise ship."

Van Susteren has spoken out in King's defense in the past. When an unflattering article about his CNN show came out in 2010, Van Susteren said that King "has broken more news than anyone else in the business (of course journalists would never give him credit for that and instead try to pretend that he is simply a talking head.)"

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