06/28/2013 09:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Natalie Morris Is Kate Moss' Body Double (PHOTOS)

We were all taken aback this week when we got a glimpse of Kate Moss taking a break on the set of her Stuart Weitzman photo shoot... while a younger body double stepped in. The first question that came to mind: Kate Moss needs a body double??

natalie morris

The second question, of course, was: Who is she?

Luckily, Vogue UK has ID'd the blonde stunner as Natalie Morris, a rising American model based out of Los Angeles. Morris has done commercial work for websites like and Popina Swimwear, and stars in a new spread in Bisous Magazine. But it would appear that subbing in for Moss is Morris' biggest gig yet, even if no one really knew who she was.

Ironically, Morris and Moss don't look that much alike -- if we had to name Morris' modeling industry twin, we'd probably pick some combination of Cara Delevingne and Barbara Palvin.

But just being associated with Moss is good news for Morris, who may not have many high-profile jobs under her belt but certainly has the social media presence to make it in today's modeling world. One look at her active Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles, and you can tell this is a model with viral potential. Now all she needs is a YouTube hit...

Check out a few photos of Natalie Morris. Think she's the next Moss... or better yet, the next Kate Upton?

Meet Natalie Morris

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