06/30/2013 11:26 am ET

Summer Fling: Readers' Stories Of Warm-Weather Romance


Not everyone's "summer lovin" story will end as well as Sandy and Danny's did in "Grease," but our readers who submitted tales of their summer flings seem to have done pretty well for themselves. Guess seasonal romance really is a thing.

Read on for three true stories of summer romance!

"We didn't stop talking from that moment on"

His name was, as I was concerned, Number Six. He always had a cigarette in hand and never shouted out his assigned number (which was, as you guessed it, six) during role-call, hence the group nickname for him. It was a free trip to Israel and the boy acted like it was a nuisance to be there, too cool for school. But, because of the asshole I was, I was determined to at least make him smile. I made sure to be last off the tour bus one day. He tried to let me go first but I insisted, "You don't always have to be last off the bus, you know?" That was it. That was what made Number Six smile.

Of course I learned his actual name after that. We didn't stop talking from that moment on. I was the girl who made Number Six talk. The two of us swam in the ocean, took long walks at night at the Kibbutzim and had our first kiss under a dome of constellations in the Negev desert. He was to stay in Israel while I went back to New York to go to school. He told me he loved me while we watched the sun set in Tel Aviv. If that isn't a summer romance, I'm not sure what is.
-- Robyn, 22, New York

"I convinced a bouncer to let me into a dance club even though I was underage. He and I dated for the summer"

I am now 40 but when I was 17 and had just moved to Boston, I convinced a bouncer to let me into a dance club even though I was under age. He and I dated for the summer but he was 25 and feared my jailbait status. We parted ways but remained friends. Twenty-one years later, after I was widowed and he was divorced, we started chatting on Facebook. Within months, I had moved from Austin, Texas with my two young children to Miami to be with him. That was two years ago and we've never been happier.
-- Laura, 40, Texas

"He was such an "old school" gentleman"

My summer fling....We met on a bus.

A gorgeous man sitting near the back of the bus kept locking eyes with me as I tried to hide from him so he wouldn't see my jogging pants and workout shirt. He told me I was beautiful before he jumped off at his stop. I thought that was it.

A few days later my friend who was with me on the bus came up to me holding a piece of paper with a name and number. She told me she literally ran into him at the train station, told him I have been kicking myself since that day for not jumping off the bus and he gave her his number to give to me.

The rest of the summer was like a dream! Never have I ever met a man that treated me so well... was so kind and caring. He was such an "old school" gentleman... walking on the side of the sidewalk with traffic, holding my hand as I walked down stairs, giving me his umbrella, walking me home even though he would miss his last train... I could go on.

Who knew men like that still existed!

I guess you can say this fling didn't end after summer, we continued to talk years later and I just returned from a short visit. Let's just say... nothing has changed! If only we didn't live miles apart.

-- Stephanie, 27, Toronto



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