06/29/2013 10:32 am ET

'Breaking Bad': Aaron Paul On The 'S--- Your Pants' Ending


As "Breaking Bad" begins its final eight-episode run, let's look to Aaron Paul for some parting words about the end of the series:

"You guys are gonna s--- your pants!" he told BuzzSugar.

As a fan of the show, Paul said he would think about the show ending as "tragic." "I can't believe this show is ending," he said. "I didn't want it to end, but after knowing how the final eight hours play out, I couldn't be happier with the way that it ended."

Paul told Collider he doesn't mind holding the secrets that every "Breaking Bad" fan wants to know.

"I don't have a problem not telling people because I don’t want to ruin it for anybody," he said. "Everyone asks me, but they don't really want to know, and I know that. It’s not that big of a deal ... [A]fter knowing how the final eight hours play out, I couldn’t be happier with the way that it ended. Hopefully, you all agree, and I feel pretty confident you will agree."

Pauls' "Breaking Bad" co-star Betsy Brandt, who will appear opposite Michael J. Fox in "The Michael J. Fox" show this fall, said fans will be satisfied with the ending.

"I told the writers before we even started shooting Season 5, I said 'I was a huge fan of 'Six Feet Under,'" she said. "I loved the series finale of that show where you see everybody's life and death, and I said, 'We don't need to shoot it, just write it and just give it to me' ... It's the perfect ending for this show," she said on the red carpet of NBC's upfront presentation in May.

"Breaking Bad" creator Vince Gilligan said he cried writing the last chapter. "I actually cried writing the end -– 'The end' on the last episode. I haven’t since then," he said.

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The final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad" begin airing Sunday, August 11 at 9 p.m. ET on AMC. Check out the show's final poster here.

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