06/29/2013 11:05 am ET Updated Aug 29, 2013

I Want Everything Isn't As Bad As It Sounds, OK To Want All The Things

When the now-infamous Girls episode, "One Man's Trash," premiered a few months ago there were two major aspects that people paid attention to: 1. The impossibility that Lena Dunham's character Hannah could have possibly scored with Patrick Wilson's character, and 2. Hannah's desire to want everything.

"I'm not different. I want what everyone wants. I want what they all want. I want all the things."

The former concern aside, because yes, Hannah could totally nail such a looker and we're done debating it, is whether or not it's selfish to "want all the things." Was it just another example of Dunham's character displaying her self-involved entitlement, or is it OK to want everything?

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