06/29/2013 05:23 pm ET

NRDC Beach Report Highlights 11 'Repeat Offenders' For Water Contamination (PHOTOS)

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) has released its annual report of the best and worst beaches in the country.

The organization identified the 11 worst "repeat offender" beaches, which violated public health standards at least 25 percent of the time water was sampled over the past five years. The analysis is part of the annual report, "Testing The Waters: A Guide To Water Quality at Vacation Beaches."

It's no surprise that most of these destinations are near urban areas known for their pollution, including Lake Erie and New Jersey's Toms River.

American beaches were closed for a combined 20,120 days last year, and the Great Lakes region was the worst offender overall, with more than 10 percent of samples violating health standards. The EPA regularly tests beaches to ensure they meet or exceed certain safety guidelines.

The NRDC has also released an interactive map to learn about the safety of your local beach, which you can find here. For now, take a look at beaches to avoid below:



NRDC's Most Contaminated Beaches In America