07/01/2013 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aaron Hernandez Patriots Jerseys Selling Big On ebay

Notorious sells. At least in the case of Aaron Hernandez.

Souvenir jerseys of the former New England Patriots tight end have soared in value on eBay since he was charged with murder last week, The Boston Globe reported. According to the paper, John Lamothe of Florida put his Hernandez No. 81 garment on the auction site, figuring it would fetch $15 or so. It sold for $289.

Other eBay auctions that were still open on Monday afternoon showed users bidding in the high $100s and low $200s for Hernandez jerseys.

The demand for Hernandez's football cards are also spiking in some cases on eBay, with signed ones receiving double-digit bids.

"The rise in memorabilia value regarding infamy is short-term," Joshua Evans, chairman of sports auction house Lelands, told The Huffington Post. "The best example is O.J. [Simpson], whose stuff came down as quick as it rose."

aaron hernandez

The jersey of accused killer Aaron Hernandez (in this 2012 file photo) is a hot seller on eBay, but the value of infamy usually doesn't last, one expert said. (Credit: Associated Press)