07/01/2013 04:44 pm ET Updated Jul 02, 2013

Amy Poehler: 'I Do Not Improvise In Heels'

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At Friday night's Upright Citizens' Brigade improv comedy marathon, Amy Poehler had a lot to say to Vanity Fair about her ideal improv wardrobe -- or, we should say, her least ideal improv wardrobe.

"I do not improvise in heels," Amy said. "I improvise in sneakers. Why would I improvise in heels? It's terrible."

Amy isn't the first female comedian to speak out against high heels. As Sarah Silverman once said, "Heels put me in a bad mood," and Tina Fey wrote in Bossypants that she hopes her daughter will "not have to wear high heels." And who could forget Melissa McCarthy's "SNL" monologue this past spring, the entirety of which she spent comically stumbling across the stage in sparkly platform heels?

Comedians' footwear policies stand in stark (and shorter) opposition to their more glamorous peers. Kate Middleton, Snooki and Jessica Simpson have been reluctant to slip them off even through pregnancy, and some women even choose to undergo surgery in order to slip into the shoes better.

We can certainly relate to the harm high heels cause. And why bother with the beasts? Last week, Wendy Davis proved that we have plenty of fashionable footwear alternatives.

Alas, the men of comedy feel differently. As Amy's new flame Nick Kroll said contrarily, "My rules are I will only wear heels when I do improv. Fashion-wise, the last couple years it's all been heels."

Well, Nick, if someone has to wear heels, we'd rather it be you. Why do you think comedians are among the few women to speak out about these shoes?

These are pretty funny places for heels:

Celebrities Wearing Heels In Places They Shouldn't

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