07/01/2013 02:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

David Choe, Artist, Claims He Hid $10,000 Around Detroit


Detroit is a city that could use a few extra bucks. At least, David Choe seems to think so. On Sunday, the Los Angeles-based graffiti artist told his Twitter and Facebook followers he had hidden $10,000 around the city, dollar bills and "a few hundos."

Choe is most famous for painting murals at Facebook's headquarters years ago -- he took stock instead of money for payment, and found himself a sudden millionaire when the company went public.

On Facebook, he posted a clue to one location -- if a photograph of a mattress on a nondescript, littered Detroit street can really be considered a clue.

david choe

Photo via David Choe Faebook.

"There was $$$ in that hole in that couch in Detroit earlier today, but who knows now," Choe wrote.

Choe also revealed an international cash stash:

Though dollar bills scattered all over the city won't do much for the financial situation of the city facing bankruptcy, it might improve some Detroiters' morale. After all, finding a dollar makes even the worst day better..

Happy hunting!

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